Vintage 1944 Motorcycle Stunt Photo Indian 2 Riders

Vintage 1944 Motorcycle Stunt Photo Indian 2 Riders Putt Mossman And Grace Conrad Ride Piggy Back No Hands On Beloved Indian Stunt Bike At 60 MPH!!! This Is Just A Fantastic Group Of Photo's Originally Held In 2 Ring Album. All Are Circa 1944 Tour Photo's 7.5 X 4.5" Overall Image Size Is 4 X 4.5" Some Of These Pic's Heve Edge Wear Which In All Cases Could Be Easily Trimmed Without Interfering With The Integrity Of The Photo Are Effecting Image At All. Otherwise Condition Is Excellent With Only Very Minor Surface Wear.

A Little More History On These Pieces...Spike Who I Purchased This Collection From In Pieces Over The Last Few Weeks Is The Grand Nephew Of Grace Conrad (His Beloved Aunt Gracie) Who Was An Incredible Woman As Well As Daredevil And Speed Rider Of The Early Days Of Motorcycles. She Was Also The Lover Of Putt Mossman Who Literally Collected World Records In Riding, Horseshoes, The High Kick...Crazy Stuff. Putt Had His Own Daredevil Motorcycle Stunt And Speed Show And Toured With A Bevy Of Beautiful Female Stunt Riders Worldwide. Go Cart Racing Was Very Dear To Him As Well And He Spent Several Years At Lea So. England In The 30's To Try To Revive Interest In The Sport. Putt Jumped Cars Motorcycles People Rivers You Name It And Claimed He Could Do It Because He refrained From The Use Of Alcohol And Tobacco. When
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