Vintage 1946-1947 4 piece Slingerland White Marine Pearl Radio King Drum Set

4 piece 1946 - 1947 matched white marine pearl Slingerland Radio King drum set with hardware. Sizes 9x13, 16x16, 14x24, 5x14. I purchased these 5 years ago from the original owner's family. All the hardware on the shells is original. There are no extra holes or modifications on any of the drums. It is very rare to find no holes or modifications on an entire original Radio King set. The set has normal play wear but minimal for a set this old. The finish has the customary yellowing but is in great shape overall and has yellowed pretty evenly. It is hard to capture that depending on the lighting for the photos. Very minimal scratches and abrasions. The only flaws would be two small chips and one 2" hairline crack on the top of the bass drum which I tried to capture in the photos. The toms and the snare are in excellent shape. The seams are tight. One seam on the bass drum is a little loose but not curled back like a lot are when they come loose. It could be very easily glued down. The loose seam is not very noticable but I wanted to point it out. With the exception of the snare, the shells are all the old Slingerland 3 ply in excellent condition. The bearing edges and reinforcement hoops are also in excellent condition. The insides of the shells look near factory new. The snare is a solid shell maple Radio King model in great shape.

1 set bass drum legs, hoop mount

1 bass drum muffler in excellent shape

1 cow bell and wood block with holder

3 floor tom legs

2 bass drum hoop mount cymbal holders

1 snare stand (no make stamp)

1 hi hat (no make stamp but period correct)

The bass drum legs, cymbal mounts and cow bell holder are all Slingerland stamped, in good shape and will clean up nicely. The hi hat has the clutch, will clean up nicely and functions well. (Walberg & Auge) The snare stand is a little rough but is functionally solid and sound. Looks like a 1950s Hamilton model. The kit also comes with the original hard fiber cases in good condition. All the handles are there. The straps on the bass drum and trap case are gone but the tom case which holds the 16 and 13 toms is fully functional and still has the original internal divider. All the cases have been spray painted black with the Radio King emblem sprayed on. I left the original "Henry Adler Music Company New York" stickers on the cases as shown in the pics.

The heads are:

9x13 both Radio King calf skins in good condition

16x16 1 Radio King calf skin in good condition

1 new coated Ambassador

14x24 both new coated Ambassador

5x14 batter new fiber skin 2

snare side new Ambassador clear

Shipping will be expensive due to the 3 large boxes to accommodate the cases. If the shipping is less, I will refund the difference. If it is more, I will cover it. I want to keep the kit together. Shipping to the contiguous 48 states only.

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