Vintage 1946 Westinghouse Model H-122-A Plastic Table Top Radio AC Lights Up

OLD Radio Buffs and Collectors:

Vintage 1946 Westinghouse Model H-122A Plastic Table Top Radio AC

Dimensions are 5 inches Deep, 8 1/2 inches High, and 13 1/2 inches Long.

When plugged in and warmed up it lights up and emits some static. I was able to tune in several stations but low volume.

From Antique Radio Collectors Guide:

H-122-A table-R/P, 1946, front plastic radio unit detaches from wood phono case, radio case has top dial/lower horizontal louvers, 4 knobs, BC 6 tubes, AC.

Case is not cracked or broken. Case shows some wear as pictured along with some small paint spots.. On/Off Knob works as expected. Tuner also works as expected and volume knob also works as expected. All knobs work as expected. The tuner strip indicating the stations on the top of the radio is missing as pictured. There is a tag that I found with radio.. Tag states that this Bakelite. Antique Radio Collectors Guide does not verify that fact.

Chassis appears in Very Good Condition. The speaker is in Very Good condition. Power cord is in Excellent condition but very short. All tubes are included but I can not verify their strength or if they work. The back is included and the antenna appears in Very Good condition as pictured. As stated above when plugged in and turned on it emits static and tuned in
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