Vintage 1950 HOPALONG CASSIDY Econolite Motion Lamp

Occassionally, I have the opportunity to offer an extremely unique motion lamp...

This is probably one you haven't seen..

From my own collection...


Hopalong Cassidy



Econolite Corp. USA

This cool collectable from 1950 features Hopalong Cassidy riding his faithful horse Topper as they chase the "bad guys" trying to rob the stagecoach!

This model lamp was featured in the 1996 Patrick Swayze movie "Three Wishes" w it was knocked off a table by a child's imaginary monster!

The lamp is in pretty ok shape, having been fixed up some due to the fact that the shade seemed to be too tall..but I can't figure out why. We added a strip of black paper around the top, so lamp would spin with lid on. This gold lid is from another 1950 Econolite lamp, and can be painted red, or leave it as.

The shade is in fair shape, and pictures are clear and bright. The top edge of shade has a small tear, as shown in bottom picture, but it doesn't show when it's on- as top printing on exterior shade totally hides the rough top edge of inner shade. T are a couple minor tears that I pictured..For a shade that is almost 60 years old, it looks pretty good. It isn't mint, but if it were it would probably sell in the $800+ range !

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