Vintage 1950s/60s hard plastic Christmas doll American Madame Alexander? 20cms

20cms tall. This dear little Christmas lady is only jointed at the neck and shoulders, the elastic is loose, she wears her original red and cottom wool trimmed dress and she is holding a snow ball with sequns on it and a Christmas tree. Her feet have molded high heeled shoes. The cotton wool on her skirt is coming adrift, everything else is still in good condition. Pretty sleep eyes that work with solid plastic eyelashes and dear little with slightly upturned nose. This doll was purchased from a lady in America who had a collection of these little dolls and I was told they were by Madame Alexander, her costume and hair are on too tight for me to be able to have a look at her body and see if there is any makers nameIf you have any questions please email me.I accept Paypal and other payments in UK pounds.