Vintage 1950s American Flyer 466 Comet Diesel Locomotive Engine W/ Wrapper

This vintage American Flyer Comet is from my Father-in-Laws collection. The engine is in good shape considering the age, and that it's been in the wrapper for 40+ years.
Colors on the engine are still vibrant, but there are a number of scratches and abrasions. I can't confirm the engine operates or the front head light turns on. I can confirm this has been stored in a dry basement for over 40+ years.
Please do not pay for this item until receiving an invoice from me. Ebay only approximates shipping fees, and it will cost us both for me to do a refund. I will try to combine shipping costs for those winning multiple auctions with me. I will also try to accomadate your preferred shipping method/service if you do not want to use Standard USPS.
If there are any questions, please contact me.
Thanks for looking and

Thanks everyone for the emails. There is much interest with whether this engine runs or not. Unfortunately, I do not have the means for testing. The slide switch underneath the engine does shift from right to left and holds in position. Upon closer review, all wheel sets are heavily corroded with gunk. The rear truck skid does not maintain the same spring tension as the front truck skid. Two screws are missing which hold in the light assembly up front. There is an oily gunk on the underside of the loco by

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