Vintage 1950's Barbie Mattel Modern Day Bed Sofa REPAIR

Vintage 1950's Barbie Mattel Modern Day Bed Sofa REPAIR
You are bidding on our Vintage Mattel Modern Sofa!

Vintage Mattel Modern Sofa

Sofa or daybed

Needs repair!

Hinged back needs to be reattached (you will need small nails)

Arm is broken and unfortunately, broken piece has been lost

Marked Mattel International

Aside from breakage, this piece shows scratched and some general wear

But if you are adept at fixing stuff and can also sand down that arm area, you could come away with a nice piece!

Low opening bid, no reserve!

Best of luck, bidders!

And if someone you know would like this item, why not buy it now and stash it 'til the holidays? Great way to avoid this year's holiday rush!

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