Vintage 1950's Emenee Golden Trombone Music Horn Toy VG

Vintage 1950's Emenee Golden Trombone Music Horn Toy VG You are about to bid on a wonderful excellent condition WORKING 1950's "Emenee" Golden Trombone. It measures 21 inches when closed... and a full 26 inches when the trombone slide is extended. The Trombone is made from chromed plastic... and REAL brass or copper tubing as part of the trombone.
The horn portion has the word "Emenee" inscribed it it ( see photo ) ... and it has a nice embroidered string on it. This set comes with ALL it's original paperwork... which includes a "Music book", instructions... and a vintage application to enter a "jingle" contest to win a trip to Disneyland in it's early days.
ALSO included... a great little booklet that has photos of "Emenee's" other musical instruments PLUS photos of famous personalities of the 1950's including Arthur Godfrey and his Ukelele... a "Pinky Lee" Xylophone... and a "Gene Autry" cowboy guitar.
The entire set comes in a nice cardboard carrying case with latch and carrying handle. The Case is in good condition with some wear but, displays and stores the item VERY well.
The trombone's only minor flaw is a chip in the plastic w a clip would have been to hold the music book for the player to read the music notes... but overall, this item is in great shape. Don't let this vintage set get away from you.