Vintage 1950's GARRARD model RC 121/4D Record Player NR

Hello! Thank you for joining us on occasion for previewing a beautiful audio discovery for any collector, old home decorator and/or record listening enthusiast! An eye rewarding (circa 1950), WORKING piece of turntable excellence!

Offered is an original GARRARD model no. RC 121/4D , 100/130 V & 200/250 V - 16 Watts - A.C. - 125/25 AMP. English made beauty of creamy enameled stylings, bakelite hardware with smoothly engaging mechanisms and dials; all built into a nice blonde veneered, wooden console/housing! A dusty little gem, box measuring a cozy 13 1/2" x 11 1/2" for subtle, retro decor in any humble abode or rustic retreat! All wiring is nice with a single, old school speaker wire. With no speakers, I was unable to accurately test the turntable; although it works well and adjusts to various speeds for 16 rpm, 33 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm very well. The switches engage for "Manual" or "Auto", "Start"/"Reject" and "Stop". The needle is with the stylus and the complete unit is quite clean, showing no unsightly wear from age and use. Please allow for typical age signs from years of gentle use. The record player has been in storage, secured in a dark, dry, temperate climate for many, many years and should perform remarkably well for any record appreciator! I would imagine that this vintage GARRARD record player would be best
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