Vintage 1950's Slingerland Radio King drum set kit

Here we have a beautiful late 50's Slingerland "Krupa Deluxe" Radio King kit. 14X22, 16x16 and 9x13. No snare. Somewhere along the line thise drums were rewrapped in beautiful green sparkle. Appears to have been done a while ago but the finish is in outstanding condition. Bass drum hoops are original but have been refinished. Beautiful nickel hardware in great shape. Some of then tension rods on the toms may not be original. W&A rail mount ids original but may have a couple pieces replaced with original period parts. 2 Cymbal mounts on bass drum. Arms not included. The badd drum has original spurs but at one time had aftermarket replacements. Each side has two extra holes by the spurs that have been filles and covered with small pieces of wrap. Other than that, no extra holes. The floor ton leg mounts have a couple non original wing nuts. A couple misc screws here and there for lugs ect may be older replacements. Everything else seems to be original. Mufflers in both toms. Black and Gold Chicago badge on bass drum. Heads are very good with lots of life left. Bass drum resonant head is different than in the photos. At some point the interiors have all been painted white. Appears to be a water based house paint. Should be easy to remove. I was gonna do it but they sound so good I just left them be.

Great looking and sound
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