Vintage (1951) Gibson L-50 - VERY NICE

Vintage 1951 Gibson L-50

Archtop Guitar

Up for auction is a very nice vintage Gibson L-50. The FON number is: 8140 3 which places it around 1951. The guitar is in beautiful condition. Everything is original except for the tuner buttons which I replaced with other vintage Kluson tuner buttons from a broken set and I professionally refinished the back of the guitar. The new finish is done with Nitrocellulos Lacquer and looks original except for the lack of crazing. The rest of the finish is original and has a beautiful crazed surface which adds great character to the guitar. The guitar has absolutely no cracks or separations. The neck has the original set and is perfect. There is no fret wear (still has the original frets) and the fretboard looks as good as the day it was made. The pickguard, tailpiece, bridge, nut, truss rod cover, pickguard support, and all screws are original. The action on the guitar if wonderfully low and it plays like a great Gibson should. There are some very minor nicks like on the top of the headstock, back of the neck near the headstock, and on the top, but these are hardly noticeable and are common on a guitar of this age. I have buffed out the pickguard and it looks almost new. All things considered, this is a honey and you won’t be disappointed. The guitar comes with a black chipboard
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