Vintage 1955 Black Angus King Size rotisserie oven

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T was a time when things were better, things were made better, things could be repaired, and they weren't destined to the landfill in a few short years. Many manufacturers PROUDLY made their products WITH WELL PAID SKILLED HANDS. DON'T buy junk from communist China, buy vintage and buy American or European.

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A BEAUTIFUL 1955 Vintage Rotisserie oven. The Black Angus Model 7-RT King Size Monte Carlo, made by Marlun Mfg. In New York. This is a good sized Rotisserie and will hold a large turkey or two chickens. It can be used a broiler,a rotisserie, and t is a griddle on top. It is in very good working order. You will never cook a better chicken than in this rotisserie oven. Includes an awesome instruction/cook book, spit with skewers, drippings tray and handle. This oven was over $80.00 in 1955.

This is a rotisserie oven with ONE large infra-red / electric element in the top that cooks
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