Vintage 1955 Pye Fenman 2 Valve Radio in Very Nice Working Condition

Welcome to this auction from ittsy-lectric

On offer is a Vintage Pye Valved Radio Model Fenman 2 in really nice working condition

The radio was manufactured by Pye Ltd, Cambridge in 1955

The Radio is housed in a rather imposing polished dark brown and walnut cabinet which is in quite good condition but there are a few slight age related marks and at some time in the past the top and sides of the cabinet have been refinished very close to the original. Mounted on the front is the speaker grille and a large Station Dial with the controls mounted underneath the dial, they are as follows from left to right, Bass cut switch and tone control, On/off Volume, tuning control and wave band switch. There is also a magic eye tuning indicator in the speaker grille. The Station dial, speaker fret and Bakelite knobs are all in very good condition, especially for 60 years old, please see photos.

Electrically. The Radio works on 240 volt AC mains and is a 9 valve plus rectifier, Supper Heterodyne receiver which covers Long/Medium and FM wave bands. The set is equipped with built in AM and FM aerials but also there are sockets at the rear to attach external aerials if required. The chassis is a metal / hard wired type and has at some time in the not too distant past as had quite a few capacitors and other components
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