Vintage 1956 Chevrolet Dealer Yoyo Yo Yo

This is a vintage red & blue wooden yoyo. Both sides are lettered in gold "The '56 Chevrolet Has Got It". It is in fair condition - the string has been knotted at the top several times and is a little grubby but still seems to work fine. The lettering has slight wear -The center Chevrolet logo has slight wear on both sides and the '6' in '56 is just about worn off on one side. Always happy to combine but if you would like to combine please wait to pay until you are all through and receive my final combined invoice. New bidders may combine for up to a week, previous customers are welcome to combine for up to 30 days from date of first purchase-but preferably no longer than 30 days as it is impossible to send out an accurate Ebay invoice after that.