Vintage 1956 Goebel Hummel Friar Tuck Monk 7 piece set

Up for auction is a Rare 7 piece set of Vintage 1956 Goebel Hummel Friar Tuck Monk Salt, Pepper, Condiment Jar and Sugar & Creamer complete with Trays. All figures are in Mint Condition. All pieces have Bee Marking and License number on their bottoms.

The Shakers measure 2 3/8", the Condiment Jar measures 4", the Sugar jar measures 5" and the Creamer Jar measures 4" tall. The Sugar & Creamer tray measures 7" long by 4" wide. The Shakers & Condiment tray (clover shaped - see photo) measures 6" by 6" at its widest points. The license numbers are as follows: Shakers P 3, Condiment S 183, Sugar Z 37, Creamer S 141/0, Oval tray T 69, and the clover tray M 42 D.

Each of these figures are in excellent condition with no chips, crazing, cracks or breaks noted. The oval Sugar & Creamer tray shows some crazing on the bottom. It is the only piece with any crazing. This set was purchased in Munich, Germany in 1956 and has been kept behind glass in my china closet. This is an amazing LOT that is still together and in great condition. All with FULL BEEs! This would make a great addition to any collection!

Thank you for looking and bidding on these rear and precious Hummels.