Vintage 1956 Musical singing Happy Birthday book/record for gramophone 78 rpm

I received this book disc for my 7th birthday in 1956. You put the book on the turntable and it was played on the windup gramophone. Speed 78 rpm.

It is called The musical singing Happy Birthday book. Has a stamp stuck on front saying Keith Prowse & Co Ltd 1/2d.

Vocal by Susan Darly with Baron and his orchestra.

Book is designed by Bertron Yellen and Drawn by Frank S. Lyons. Record produced by Max Lewin.

Uplight and son Ltd. Patent Applied for.

I have taken pictures of every page of the book. On the back cover it says

On the front of this book is a record depicting a birthday party. The orchestra plays Happy Birthday with a vocalist singing and everybody joining in.

It will delight children of all ages. Place the whole book on your gramophone and play. The pictures themselves are just what children enjoy. A gift that will be treasured always. (or in my case for 57 years!)