Vintage 1958 Econolite Water Ski Skiers Motion Lamp 771

For your immediate consideration may I present one of my coolest motion lamps!

(I bought this for my own collection, as I always wanted one! But am now selling many of mine to help my family in a time of crisis..)

Vintage 1958 Motion Lamp

Waterski Vacation



This lamp is Really Fun!!

In Mint Condition this lamp has sold recently for over $3500 on eBay!

Now, this lamp of mine is not mint, but many of my favorites in my collection aren't. I simply turn the damaged side to the back and the main side faces forward! It looks great to me, and works fabulously!

So if you don't mind that it isn't don't have to spend $3550 to have one of the rarest and highest valued motion lamps available.. I am selling mine at No Reserve!

I Love the style of the Bathing Suits!

When in motion, the lamp really comes to life, the lake glistens, the water flows under the skiers and jets spray out from the skis and the boats! In the background we see palm trees and the coast line passing by..

This Econolite Lamp is Featured on the Cover (and on page 57) of the Collectors Guide to Motion Lamps By: Sam and Anna Samuelian, W they describe it as, "Very desireable and rather scarce"

No motion lamp model by Econolite
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