Vintage 1958 TOPPS Baseball Card LOT of 20 **(Ex+NrMnt)

At auction is this LOT of 20 Topps baseball cards (actual cards shown in photos provided) that I had collected when I was a little girl back in 1958 . My friend Jeffrey is helping me put these cards up for Auction and has informed me that the condition of these 20 cards would be considered Excellent to Near-Mint+ or something called a PSA-6 to PSA-8 in Grade. Please understand I know NOTHING about how to qualify this information, but I can tell you that these cards have been in a box at my Mothers home along with my * yearbooks and pennants (Please take a moment and * check my other E-Bay listings for those Items) UNTOUCHED since 1958 or sometime around then. Looking at these cards presently they seem to be in nearly the same condition as what I remember them being in when I bought them for the GUM , having absolutely NO Creases, Sharp Corners , and being Very Colorful. If the Auction Winner feels this description is not consistent with what Jeffrey has told me I will be more than happy to REFUND the Winning bid.
THANK You so very much for your interest the card numbers are listed below;
#'s 112 / 115 / 120 / 135 /138 /139 /155 /160 /165 /167 /170 /173 / 178 /179 /183 /198 206/ 222/ 229 /277.