Vintage 1958 WFL snare drum. Ludwig 5.5 x 14 Gold spkl.

Very nice WFL 5.5 x 14 snare drum in beautiful gold sparkle. Note: the flash makes the gold look "splotchy". This is not the case. Finish is nice and even. Date stamped inside shell is Jan 27 1958 (or 59) Last number is hard to read.

Nickel hardware is in nice shape. Rims are chrome and likely not original to the drum. T are 3 plugged holes by the muffler. (See pic) Again, the flash made the contrast much worse and t is not that noticable of a color difference. WFL logo on slider of strainer. this part appeares to be nickel along with the adjustment know. Other strainer parts look chrome, but all the correct parts.

Drum looks and sounds great. Great vintage look and tone. Other than the non original parts, drum is in excellent condition.