Vintage 1960-70's Fancy Mood Ring 216 Switchback

You are buying the ring design as shown above. I recently was able to complete my collection of these Fancy Company of Chicago mood rings. It has taken me years but I recently opened an unopened box of vintage toys from the 1960's and found all 12 of series one and now another box deeper into my warehouse I found the last mood rings made by Fancy. This is series 2 and it had 18 designs.
These are roughly sized 6.5-7.5 depending on the design of the ring but all of them have open sizer loops to adjust.
I am running all 18 designs. These are the second series of 18 designs. These are also some of the more rare designs from the very early 1970's when the mood craze took off even more. Those designs that are more rare are marked with *.
The few I have are the last I believe I may ever find since no one seems to care for old rings like myself. I like the complexity and at the same time the creative thought of the designs. Glass tops are the part that make these more unique than any others made in the 1960's and especially the 1970's since plastic became the norm very quickly later in the decade. The other designs in the 1950's and 60's were mainly flat and so the chemicals were less and the rings uncomplex. By the 1970's the issue was worse because the demand forced companies to "just get them out there" to make a
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