Your mascot is 7.7 inches long, solid, at 570 grms., chromium plated, no real damage or repair, some pitting mainly to the back spinal surface of the Jaguar, from being on the original car for about 20 years. He also showed the auctioneer ( I have known him for 40 years ), an AA an original badge for 1960 off the same original 1960 Jaguar.

The owner of the mascot is a professional older man now, and has been known to the auctioneer for 30 years. He bought the 1960 Jaguar in 1970, second hand ,and has had it up until this day. He has put the car away as investment.He had the car on the road for about 10 years, i.e.till c1980.

Vitally important for identification and authentication, is the embossed number under the body, which you are shown in your pictures. Without that, no one can ever be certain that you have an original piece. In 1960 Jaguar decided to moderise the shape of the mascot, as the cars became lower slung, so the back end of the mascot was raised, and for extra security ( people were stealing them off Jaguars ), two strong, now rusty bolts were incorporated. Please see your pictures. IT CERTAINLY IS GENUINE AND DATES 1960. I bought it in the Fine Art, and Antiques Auction.

Myself, I have been trading for 41 yrs. in small antiques , with a special interest in car mascots, and I have only ever
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