Vintage 1960s Brunette Bubblecut Barbie Doll in Orig. Dress

You are bidding on an early 1960s Barbie doll. She has straight legs and the chic bubblecut introduced several years after the ponytail Barbie. She has the Barbie Midge 1962 mark on her bottom so she dates from between 1962 and 1964 (after which the bendable legs were introduced.). She has just two notable flaws. She is missing the pinkie on her right hand and the tip of her thumb on the left. Her left arm is a bit swingy but it will stay put if you raise it. She has two other more minor flaws: some rubbing to the dark paint on her eyelids and possibly rubbing to the pink paint on her upper lip. She has a really nice head of hair. It's thick and wavy and a rich dark brown. She has no neck splits or chews to fingers or toes and no greening around her ears. She has no polish on her toes. No neck splits. Her legs and torso are very good with no notable stains, gouges, scrapes, etc. She could use a fine detailing, which I'll leave to the experts. I've just given her a light soapy scrub with a washcloth. She's wearing a vintage and original Barbie Evening Splendor gold brocade dress which was first introduced in 1959. It is in poor condition with significant wear to the brocade. You'll want to dress her in something nicer. But she has no unpleasant odors and is from a non-smoking home.