Vintage 1960's Coca Cola Coke Plastic Dispenser Toy

Chilton Toys Coca-Cola / Coke Dispenser

from late 1960's or early 70’s

Includes 6½ oz. Old Coke Bottle and Three Plastic Toy

Coca-Cola Glasses

Vintage 1960’s Chilton toy Coca-Cola soda pop dispenser toy. I have checked the dispenser over, and it appears to be in great condition. I cannot find any cracks or breaks. There are some scuffs as you can see from the pictures and a little yellowing where the original glue was used to hold the lid together (see photos). This is made of hard plastic and measures 13" deep by 11" tall by 5 ½" wide. There is a metallic sticker on the front of the lid with the "Things Go Better With Coke" logo. It has a bit of wear, but still looks good. "Drink Coca-Cola" is molded into the sides of the lid.

This is how the toy works. Take the white lid off, and inside is a space where a 6½ oz. Coke bottle will sit with a snap-on push-button faucet device. The entire bottle is laid into it sideways so that the bottle is pointing a bit downwards and the spout sticks out of the hole. Then, when you pull on the handle of the dispenser, it pushes the button in and allows Coca-Cola to pour out by gravity. I tested is using water and it worked.

The base of the dispenser is hollow, and this is where you are supposed to put ice cubes to keep the Coca-Cola cold until you have
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