Vintage 1960's Fender PA4100 PA Amp solid state Amplifier. Beatles 1966

THis auction is for a super rare mid 60s solid state Fender PA4100 PA Amplifier.

Some research on the tinternet has told me that this is the exact same model that was used by the Beatles when they played their famous Abbey Road roof top gig, and they also used it for the let it be sessions in the recording studio.

It seems to be in full working order, have tested it with a monitor speaker, but just a phono lead in (had no mic) but when touching the end of lead and sound and volume was heard on each channel. Could probably do with some TLC, contact cleaner on volume controls etc

It has a few scuffs here and there but pretty good for its age, all knobs and buttons are present.

One fault is that most of the little indicator bulbs have blown. But these are little screw in ones, so should be fairly easy to source and change. One one each channel, the power light, and 2 of the echo indicaor lights, the other 2 are still working on the echo indication switches.

Also seems the volume indicator needle is stuck at the top, or popped off. This can be got to from inside and sorted.

It has 4 channels each with volume treble and bass

Really lovely simple design.

Pick up a very rare and lovely vintage fender PA amp! In working order, but with a little attention could be great!
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