Vintage 1960s Lafayette 212 Combo Tube Amp Harp/Guitar

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Vintage 1960s Lafayette 212 Combo Guitar Reverb Tube Amp
I Totally Guarentee Complete Satisfaction..Period
I am selling a 60s Lafayette tube amp. The amp has two inputs, a SOLID STATE RECTIFIER, a separate footswitch input, 2 channels (clean and bright), 3 way toggle power switch (on, off, and stand-by), new fuses, 2x12 Jensen Special Design Speakers, and Tremolo control. The amp has all the tubes ( a pair of 7591 power tubes and two 12Ax7 and a 6CA4 and a 6AU6). It also has a 2' spring reverb coil that I know nothing about so please inform me. In terms of sound the clean tone is definitely vintage and really nice the bright tone is a 60s overdrive-ish tone which is pretty sweet as well. Cosmetically there are some minor dings but it looks really awesome for ~ 50 years old.
Please feel free to contact me at for any questions or more pictures.