Vintage 1960's Slingerland Epic Model Bass Drum Pedal

Another rare find purchased from the original owner. He said he bought this bass drum pedal as part of a complete drum set for his daughter in 1966, so based on what he tells me, this is from 1966. If t are any Slingerland experts out t that would like to enlighten me with any other info about the age of this pedal, please do so. I will add your comments I have the rest of this kit and will list all the drums and other accessories with ending times a few minutes apart from this auction, so if you want to keep the entire set together, you'll be able to bid on all pieces. This was part of a 3 piece Slingerland drum set that came with a 14" snare, a 12" tom drum, a 20" bass drum, Ludwig Standard hi hat cymbals, 12" Zildjian cymbal, hi hat pedal, and other cymbal arms and accessories. All of which will be auctioned Check my other auctions for all the parts and pieces if you'd like to keep this set together. I will combine shipping to anyone that buys more than one piece. All parts are in original condition. I have not attempted to clean this piece at all. It has very little pitting and will clean up very nicely with a little polishing and will look even better than it does now.

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