vintage 1962 Ford Galaxie Galaxy advertising model car

Vintage 1962 Ford Galaxie model car, used to advertise the Galaxie in 1962. I got this from my Dad (he ended up with a 1962 Falcon!). It is 8" long and 3" wide. This is not a model that someone built/glued together out of a box, but more of a manufactured toy car. The most interesting thing about it is that the bottom of it has several advertising messages on it, embedded in the molded plastic. For example, on the muffler it says "fully aluminumized", and on the oil pan it says "goes 30,000 miles between lubrication of chassis, front wheel bearings, universal joint". Other examples of slogans on the bottom are "Galaxie by Ford elegance with the power to please", and "Galaxie silent as a secret". T are others, but you get the point.
Please note the following important points:
The left rear taillight is missing.
When you look at the photos, the car looks pristine. However, that is not the case. T are scratches on it and a few marks and t, the windshield has scratches, etc. I would call it "good +" condition for its age. All the slogans on the bottom are very readable. But somew along the line it was used by someone as a toy car, it was not "stored under the bed". Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks.