RARE Vintage 1962 Western Flyer 3 spd (Raleigh) England

VERY RARE Circa 1962 Vintage Western Flyer Mens 21 inch frame 3 speed bicycle. Made in England by Raleigh Industries for the Western Auto Company, USA. TOTALLY ORIGINAL CONDITION with the exception of the tire tubes which have been changed so the tires will hold air. Features the classic Sturmey Archer 3 speed shifter and internal geared rear hub with coaster brake stamped "62 7". Original "Miller" generator powered headlight and tail-light which both still lighted when the bicycle was last driven recently. Original "Bates Dunlop Lightweight" tyres made in England. Original Wrights of England seat and matching saddle bag which has some minor rust on it. Original John Bull front brake pads. Original "Shuresta" of England adjustable kickstand. It has the rare oil fill cap on the bottom bracket of the frame, this was discontinued after 1962. Most of the chrome, with the exception of the wheels, is in excellent-plus condition, especially the handlebars. The wheels have some rust pitting in a few places. The wheels roll relatively straight. The fender chrome has some minor pitting but overall is in great shape and still shines. The chainguard has some minor surface rust. The frame paint has the usual minor chips and scrapes, typical and normal for a bicycle this age. Overall, the bicycle is in excellent-plus condition and exceptional
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