Vintage 1964 36" Nystrom anatomy male human torso model for teaching & learning

Human anatomy model "Adam" with removable organs.
Great educational tool for teacher or student.

Anatomy model stands approximately 36 inches with the head.

Model has been around awhile so it has scuffs and blemishes.

Back of head has a crack (see picture)... no brain.

I received a few questions and posted two new images to address a couple of those questions:

Can you post a photo of the side view? - answer: Yes

How does the head attach? - answer: A simple dowel (not included) can be used to attach the two units. The head has a receiver approximately 1 1/8 inch deep and the neck has a receiver approximately 1/2 inch deep.

How many removeable parts? - answer: Five (or six if you include the head) please refer to the image of the removable parts (the heart separates in two pieces as to view the interior of the organ).

How much to ship to Belgium? - answer: approximately 135$ US - please inquire with your country's customs agency as to possible tariff on educational tools.

Thank you all for your interest... I will address additional questions as expeditiously as possible.