Vintage 1964 Child Guidance Magnetic Doll House Kit


Extremely rare item

2 Magnetic movers with magnets

1 yellow car with magnet

People with magnets (2 broken)

Entire household of plastic furniture (some chairs are broken)

7 outer white wall pieces

7 inner brown wall pieces plus chimney and 2 mirrors

2 large clear roof pieces

2 small clear roof pieces

Assembly directions - 2 sets

Promotional picture sheet

Pressed Wood Table Measures 27" long by 20" wide

Will be shipped in the same shipping box Sears used 45 years ago!

This Vintage dollhouse kit is extremely rare as I have seen it mentioned on the internet only twice in the past 2 years, and those in posts by people looking to acquire it. It is in very good overall condition but is missing some pieces. I know that the 4 plastic legs are missing and I have mentioned that 2 of the people have broken off from their magnets so I am assuming that other pieces will not be present. T is no original inventory so I have tried my best to take photographs of everything that is present. It is clearly marked with the 1964 Child Guidance insignia in the middle of the pressed wood table. I have scanned in the dollhouse kit from all angles so you can make your own judgement
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