Vintage 1965-67 Era Gibson Saturn GA-45 RVT Tube Amp NR

Vintage '65 - '67 Era Gibson Saturn GA-45 RVT 2x10 Tube Combo Amp @ No Reserve!

Welcome to another great No Reserve auction from GREENGTRS. I always point out all the features and every flaw I can find and anything else I think is pertinent (never any unpleasant surprises I love my "job", am very picky about what I buy, and choose to sell only what I would enjoy playing myself. In this case it seems like a cool amp I would love to check out and would probably enjoy...tubes, reverb, trem...but I just can't take the time needed to get it up and running again.

is a Vintage Gibson Tube Amp from the 1965 to 1967 era...made in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is going to need some repair made a loud hum when turned on so I turned it right back off...I bought it in a package deal for a guitar I wanted but have no time to put into amp restoration. It appears to be mostly (if not all) original except for the spliced on power chord end. I am no expert on Vintage tube amps and make no claims about the sound of this one. I would estimate at least $100 in repairs if not's an old tube amp which (I'm told) was working fine (up until recently) for it's previous owner but old tube amps require maintenance which this one hasn't had in years. I leave all clean-up and maintenance up to the next owner. I also want to point out
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