Slingerland Era: Date stamp of Feb 1966 Original Niles Black and Gold Badge has not been tampered with Serial Number: 89345 Size: 14"x5.5" Condition: Great. Chrome Hardware is in Very Good condition with No Rust and only minor pitting
Finished in original White Marine Pearl wrap. Wrap is in Great condition with no Cracks or scratches. This finish has little of the typical yellowing found on most WMP drums of this era
Interior is a beautiful Natural Maple.
Drum shell is constructed of solid Maple with solid maple re-rings. Re-rings are tightly connected to the shell.
All Hardware is Original including the unique Slingerland fine tuning snare system, Stick Saver-rims, muffler, stand, and case. Original stand and case included.
Getting harder to find especially in this condition.