Vintage 1968 Barbie Doll Trunk Dolls Clothing Shoes Inflatable Furniture Big Lot

Awesome big vintage lot of dolls, Barbie 1968 trunk, clothing, shoes, inflatable furniture. If you love the old barbies and dolls this lot is for you. There is a 1967 Skipper doll, 1972 Leggy Hasbro doll, 1968 Barbie doll. Im not sure if 1968 Barbie head is original to that body it might not be the head to that specific body. Not all items in this are Barbie related mix lot. There is wear on everthing, everything has little scratches, trunk has spot stains, trunk is stained and dirty inside and out, pen markings written name inside of trunk, 1968 Barbie behind on upper legs looks to have adheisive/glue, not sure if inflatable furniture holds air has wear and dirty, clothing has wear, some clothing has buttons missing, some clothing is ripped, not sure if all shoes are complete with pairs might be missing some and they have wear, everything is sold as is please see all photos for all details this is a old huge lot. Any collector will love to add this to their collection .