Vintage 1969 FENDER Jazzmaster Guitar RED

Vintage 1969 FENDER Jazzmaster Guitar

Original factory Candy Apple Red Finish, not a refinish, no breaks and the guitar plays great!! Im not going to take apart the guitar for pics, not for now anyway, so I'll be detailed in the discription. It's a mid weight guitar, original parts, pickups are dated 69 and they sound great, the big pots date 66 but are original, pretty common because fender had a surplus of these pots at the time. No roughts in the body, finish has paint chips here and there, the body and neck have finish checking throughout (see closeup pic of body) Pickguard has perloid back, metal shield underneath has one extra hole, original tuners, "B" neck is dated 69 and is not thin and not super fat, right in the middle and very comfortible, frets are excellent, neck plate has numbers etched in it, original fender case. It's a great guitar with a lot of character and like I said plays and sounds great. Any questions please feel free. Thanks.