Vintage 1969 Ideal CRISSY Doll with Original FACTORY BOX orange laced dress

1969 Ideal CRISSY doll has a long pony tail that can grow and shorten by a button on her belly and a knob on her back.

Crissy is in very good condition. I don't think she was ever played with.

Her hair is in good condition

Characteristic to Crissy Doll is the longer sections of her base hair that comb over the shorter underside of her base hair.

Crissy has lovely facepaint and is wearing her original Factory Dress, panties and orange shoes.

Her dress with the orange ribboned bow at the neckline is attached and panties are crisp and bright. Shoes are in 'like new' condition.

Her box with the Original orange yarn handle has expected wear to it as it is 46 years old. The locking tab of the box is still attached. Original price on the box. Looks to be $9.00.