Vintage 1970 Masterpiece Art Auction Game GUC

This ever-popular board game is in good to very good condition overall, and is 99% complete. All of the most important pieces are present. The box is solid and has the usual amount of wear for a game of this age. It has one split corner, as shown in the detail photo. The board is clean and very near perfect, front and back. All of the painting cards, biography cards, and value cards are present and in very good, clean condition. A few of the cards have very small, light creases along one edge, as though they had been pinched too hard between a thumb and two fingers. All of the pawns and the die are present and in good shape. The game is missing one clip. All of the money is in perfect shape. I am not sure how many bills of each denomination should be included, but it seems like there ought to be more. There are 15--$50,000, 23--$100,000, 14--$500,000, and 3--$1,000,000. The inner box dividers are present, although the largest divider (the only purpose of which is to support the board) is caved in and has writing on it.
Please ask any questions before bidding.