RARE Vintage 1970's Mobil oil porcelain gas pump plate sign Mobilgas Mobiloil

This auction is for a vintage, porcelain Mobil Regular gas pump sign. This sign is 12''x14'' and displays well. These signs were manufactured and used from 1971-1975. What makes these Mobil signs rare and unique is that don't have Mobil or the Pegasus on them. They were used at some Mobil-affiliated secondary brand stations such as ''Reelo'' and ''Sello'' during the gasoline wars of the 70s. I am selling all my stuff. I have about a 20 porcelain gas and oil signs, some 83 GS1100ES Suzuki items, 60's Ford items and I'm not sure what else. Be sure to add me to your favorites list ! Check out my other items ! Thanks for looking!