Vintage 1971 Fender Jaguar Pickup old 6.05 K part NR

A 1971 Fender Jaguar pickup. Grey bottom stamped 0401 (winder number 0, week 40, 1971). Yes, there seems to have been a winder number 0 at the fender factory. Anyway, this pickup came to me from a closed down music store. It apparently was a replacement part, but it was not working, so it had been sitting in a box since 1971. It was wound with formvar wire, so I rewound it with the same. works fine now. Potted in correct 4:1 parrafin:beeswax. the cover and claw on it are like new. No scum, rust, or scratches. The pole pieces still have lacquer on the tops. Pretty cool, but will be even cooler when it finds a good home in a jaguar project. Reads 6.05 K Ohms. Original lead wires (never installed on a guitar 7 inches (black), 11 inches white. Buyer pays $5.00 shipping. -Fred.