Vintage 1973 PAN AM Flight Attendant Uniform & KEY NR

Up for auction is an authentic, genuine Vintage PAN AMERICAN World Airways 1973 Flight Attendant Uniform by Evan-Picone. Also, attached to the uniform with a pulley string cord is the authentic, genuine Cockpit Door Key from a Boeing 707, 727, and/or 747. No longer in operation, PAN AM was a terrific airline known the world over.

The Key was made by, "Adams Rite Manufacturing Company Glendale, CA." engraved on the front of the key with logo "(ar)." On the back of the key is the "Key number T-4619, ar logo, Made in U.S.A. Do Not Duplicate." In business for over 100 years, The Adams Rite Company is still in business today. The key was used by flight attendants to open the cockpit door to communicate with, and serve beverages and food to the cockpit crew. How do I know this one might ask? It is my very own uniform! Yes, and I have the official picture as proof!

Great item for the aviation collector or PAN AM collector. This uniform and key are part of American Aviation history. Please inquire about other PAN AM collectibles I have and if you have any questions please submit them. Thank you.

Evan-Picone Career Apparel Angelica is on the label of the jacket. E. Picone re-designed the uniforms back in the early 1970's for PAN AM. This is a fine quality PAN AM signature blue uniform with attached white bodice
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