Vintage 1979 Fleer - CRAZY LABELS 64 Card Set

ORIGINAL vintage 1979 CRAZY LABELS set. This is a COMPLETE 64 card sticker set. Each card has a sticker side and a card side (my photo is of the sticker side). This set contains stickers 1 - 64. All cards are in nice condition with all stickers intact (never used). There are no tears, no major bends, no writing on them, etc. I have scanned cards 1-9 (1st scan) and 11-18 (2nd scan), plus an overall view of the cards in the 3rd scan. I will be happy to scan any card(s) that you would like a closer look at. Buyer pays $4.95 shipping and handling - Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Thanks so much for looking and be sure to check out my other non-sport and music memorabilia items in my Ebay store. Thanks!

Cards in this set are: 1. Ex-Con Motor Oil 2. Crampfire Marshmallows 3. Liptune Tea Bags 4. Sad Trash Bags 5. Joke Cola 6. Mad-Itch 7. Bullseye Green Beans 8. Swish FizzleLean 9. Cannibals Jungle Soup 10. Dessert X Fungus Food 11. Elastic Pickles 12. Grillette Flamey Singeing Cream 13. Perspiration H Ointment 14. Binds Tomato Catch-up 15. Lowbrow Beer For Bums 16. Swet Ones Wipes 17. Pierre's Mineral Water 18. Embalmed Chopped Steak Lip Balm 19. Schlepps Bionic Water 20. Smell Sham-phew 21. Risk Detergent 22. Weak Thins Crackers 23. Coaloil Herbicidel Essence Swampoo 24. BO-5 25. Nobull Fake Motor Oil 26. Fan Anti-Perspirant

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