Vintage 1979 Hallmark Betsey Clark Dollhouse Doll House

Vintage 1979 Hallmark Betsey Clark Dollhouse. #324. Approx. size 24" tall, 16.5" wide, 33" length. Six Decorated Rooms. Constructed of Wood and Hardboard. American Toy & Furniture Co. Chicago, IL.

I have added as many pictures as possible so that you can clearly see the condition of the dollhouse. General wear and usage. The house is missing any plastic accessories that may have come with, such as door/window frames/chimney. Some of the wear includes - marks (remainder glue, etc.) around the door frame. This could be replaced with a matching wood/color of the house frame. At the top right window, lower right corner t is a tear of the print that could be touched up. T is other small lifting of the print on the front of the house that can be glued down. I have included a picture of w a screw was tighted too much and the wood has started to crack. This could be braced and glued. The floors have small/light circular stains. The print wall appear to be in good condition with only a mark or two. Bottom center room has some scratches to the front floor area. The base is solid, on the reverse side t appears to be a black pencil or crayon mark. T are a few scratches on the roof. In each of the rooms the pictures show small plastic brace type things that hold the rooms upright. One of these is missing and I believe could be easily
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