Vintage 1979 Star Wars Land of the Jawas Action Playset with Original Box

The Star Wars Land of the Jawas Action Playset was released by Kenner in 1979. This playset comes with a desert sand dune base that has boulders and a cave for hiding and a cardboard backdrop and the instructions. There is an action lever that allows JAWES to knock over other action figures; an escape landing pod and a manual elevator. I am not sure if all the pieces are here as it may be missing some decals and I know there are only two action pegs so please look closely at the pictures. This set has been played with and the cardboard tabs are worn which can make it more difficult to tuck. The box is worn with creases and has some torn areas as I tried to capture the condition in the pictures. This is a must have to add to your collection but if this isn't your favorite check out my shop regularly as I am listing other items from a large collection!


Any questions please email me. Thanks for looking at this Star Wars playset!