Shiny Brite Christmas Cluster Decoration This is a vintage Shiny Brite cluster of ornaments to decorate a table, a mantel or window. You start with a cardboard or any stiff material base with a hole in the center. Then you put a knitting needle up through the bottom of the hole with the flat part down. Then start putting the 8 larger glass ornaments on the knitting needle, then the 4 medium size, then the 4 smaller size. You then put the topper on the top. It should be almost 20" high when complete. It sounds very simple to do. The box has the directions and shows what it will look like. You can use almost any round ball ornaments and change colors and make it however you want it to look. The box has the ornaments and the topper, but is missing the knitting needle and the base (both easy to get). The box is a little rough at spots. "OLDWARES AUCTIONS" ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES ________________________________________________________________________* INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS * If you choose 1st class shipping, there is no insurance available. If you do choose 1st class shipping, you agree to assume all liability for your item or package arriving safe. So far all I have sent have arrived safe Thank you for looking at this item! We describe as accurately as possible. Please ask any relevant questions before bidding. "Handling" charges ... read more