Vintage 22" Peasant Woman Bernard Ravca Doll

Absolutely Beautiful! Ravca Dolls - known as the "real people dolls". They were created by Bernard Ravca originally in Paris France and then after Frances occupation in the US. While France occupied, he lost everything, all assets were taken and his family lost...the great sadness and loss show on the faces of his beautiful creations. Since I can find no markings on the doll I do not know what year it was made. She's in great condition, especially for her age. She was part of my grandmothers collection and I found her packed away in the back of her "doll" room. She's made of stuffed nylon material. She has painted and sewn features. She's wearing common clothes; a skirt, blouse, scarf and half leg socks with wooden shoes. She has a basket on her back. Please refer to photos. She is really lovely.