Vintage 40's Slinglerland Radio King 16" Floor Tom WMP

Hi, You are looking at a 1940's (possibly older) Slingerland 16" Radio King floor tom. It is a 3 footer, looks great from 3ft but sounds AWESOME when played. Typical drums of this period did NOT have floor legs but used cradles, this drum had vintage Slingerland floor leg mounts installed on it at some point, which is sort of better if you are going to play the drum hard, I have other drums with the cradle, and find it easier to position with legs. This auction includes NO legs, but you can use any of the old school (thinner rods) legs, tons are on eBay. Also, the original muffler is not present, again easy to find if you want to restore. This drum is in GOOD condition for being near 70 years old, the bearing edges are good, the wrap is not peeling (see pic) and there are a few scuffs and cracks in the wrap (see pics) but like I said, 3 feet away and it is a beauty. The White Marine Pearl wrap has aged and now yellowed into a real vintage looking finish. It has aquarian heads on it. The top rim is engraved Radio King as well as bottom. The bottom hoop is more aged than the top and the lugs show their age with pitting. If I were to keep, I would install the repro lugs ($50), find period legs and put on coated ambassadors for this thing to be a monster. The ONLY reason I am selling is I bought this to be my second low tom on my Radio ... read more