Vintage 50s 100% Vicuna LUXE rare swing glamour coat

Vintage 50s 100% Vicuna LUXE rare swing glamour clutch coat
SOFT LIKE A CLOUD vintage late 50s early to mid 60s 100% Vicuna coat. This rare treasure comes direct from the original owner, my friend and was purchased for her by her husband for Chirstmas one year, her memory isn't the best, but it was the late 50s or early 60s. It was one of her most treasured possessions, but she no longer wears it and has simply stored it safely all these years. It is WONDERFUL. ***I am sorry, but I cannot ship this item internationally.
The Vicuna on this coat is like buttah. :) Add a designer scarf and you can fancy yourself a chic glamour girl like Grace Kelly in an Old Hollywood movie. Vicuna jackets and coats have been offered recently by the high end designers and shown on the runways for Fall, now that is no longer on the protected/endangered list. It is the ULTIMATE LUXURY fabric, the finest wool fibre you can buy, but you can have a true original for a FRACTION of the price. As only one-quarter pound of hair can be sheared from any one vicuna per season, it takes about 40 being sheared for the production of one coat! The coat features a fine and slim shawl collar and is a clutch style. The sleeves are cuffed and t are hidden front/side welted pockets along the decorative seams. The coat has a nice and swingy
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