Rare Vintage 50's Battery Operated Transparent Engine by Gescha Co. of Germany

Here is a Very Rare Vintage 50's Battery Operated Transparent Engine in Excellent Condition made by Gescha company of Nuremberg, Germany. This was a kit of a 1/6 scale four-cylinder side-valve engine made in Germany in the early 1950s, put together using a small screwdriver and box wrench supplied in the kit.
The model had all metal parts except for the see-through engine block, sump, and head made of a early plastic, looking more like cast glass. This is a very sturdy and well-made toy, as well as very educational in teaching a kid on how an engine actually works. Everything works just like in a real engine. All parts on this toy are moveable, nothing is frozzen up. This was apparently patterned after a pre-war Opel engine. The camshaft actuates the valves through long tappets, and the steel valve springs are fully functional. The camshaft is driven by a gear train from the crankshaft. The distributor is connected by wires to the spark plugs (which are missing) and lights them up in sequence when the crank is being turned. When one turned the crank on front of the engine the pistons go up and down, the camshaft opened and closed the valves, and the spark plugs lighted in sequence, powered by a 3-volt battery. As you can see there are a few items missing on the engine. But everything turns and gose up and down like it should.

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