Vintage 50's Bonsa Solingen Germany Lever Lock Knife

's a very old & original german lever lock knife made in the mid-to-late 1950's in Solingen Germany by Bonsa. Knife is in very good condition with no chips or cracks in the gorgeous dark caramel colored jigged bone handle scales. The bolsters are solid nickel silver, with steel liners. The action is strong with a nice hard snap when the lever is foul-ups, blade locks open fully every time. Blade closes deep, the tip does not peek out when knife is closed. Blade is full with some staining on the blade and spine (see pics) could most likely be cleaned, but very minor considering the age of the knife. Personally, I would leave it alone. Pics are of actual knife you will receive.
Tang stamp is "Bonsa" over "Solingen" over "Germany"
Bottom front bolster is stamped "Springer"
Overall length is approx 8"
Winner to pay $5.00 for usps priority shipping
Added: I've received some skepticism over the actual age of this knife, so 's some added details...
- Blade is carbon steel, no sharpening loss
- T is no "foot kicking a ball" stamp on reverse tang (I believe that came out in the 60's)
- Knife profile is very thin...much thinner than a current Hubertus or later Boker Lever Lock
- I have looked closely at the jigged bone in sunlight, no cracks, chips, or pin dings