This listing is for a set of 7 Hungerford peanuts charater from the late 1950's with their original sales tags. The figures are plastic / rubber and in very good condition, with some light smudges and t The tags are marked United Feature Syndicate. Hungerford Plastic Corp., Morristown N.J. They have a specific title for each figure, two comic strips related to the figure printed on them and their original price. I am not 100% sure how the tags were used in the original packaging, but I believe that they were folded over the top of a plastic or mesh bag and used to suspend the figure on a hook. Some of the tags have been split in half, I suspect to open the bag. You get Snoopy , He's 7,1/2 inches tall. His tag is titled "the dog that everybody loves" original price $1.49. Pig Pen , titled "Pig Pen" he's 9 inches tall, original price $1.95. Lucy , she's 9 inches tall, Titled "The worlds No. 1 Fuss Budget" original price $2.00. Sally , she's 7 inches tall, Titled "Charlie Brown's new baby sister" original price $1.99. Linus , he's 8. 1/2 inches tall, Titled "Linus and his blanket" original price $2.00 and yes, he still has his original blanket, although it's a bit discolored. Schroder , he's 8 inches tall, plus his piano, which measures about 4 inches high. Titled "Schroder and his toy piano" original price $1.95. Last but not least,

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