Vintage 60's EKO Model J54 Acoustic Made in Italy Exc+

This is a great sounding and playing vintage acoustic from EKO in italy. It came out of an estate in Hollywood recently. It's in fine vintage playing shape. As always with these italian made instruments from that era the shellac they use gets those long craze lines throughout-it's never through to the wood-just how that old varnish ages and tightens over the decades. All the old italian Voxes have this as well. S/N is 307241. 4 bolt neck. Tuners are great. Back of neck shows very light wear. see pics T are a copuple of edge dings-nothing scary-just personality--t's a repaired straight crack between the soundhole and the bridge-very sturdy--also it looks like someone have some creative work done on the bridge-it's on solidly and the belly is really flat which was a surprise and a relief when i saw it-but someone has modifies the bridge saddle to sit a rounded piece of wood and not a plastic piece-the sound is great so i say leave it! oh lastly-the last 3 frets at the very top of the neck are gone--this is an area you couldn;t play in if you wanted to so it doesn;t matter- see pics if this sounds confusing. action is super low and fast/easy plays like a friendly old electric enjoy this one! found without case but I'll find something good to ship it in!